Another Positive Feedback!

We got another positive feedback and we're so excited about it. We were happy to see that we had another satisfied customer.

As of right now, we have so many different potential sales going on. We've been going to the Post Office, sorting through orders, and getting stuff ready to ship for people. It's crazy how only a few months ago we got the idea to lighten the load we were putting on our bookshelves. We have retaken pictures of all our manga and we're hoping that it will give a better view of the items.

We have a new banner! Actually, I guess I should say that we finally have a banner. We didn't put one up but my friend Vickie made us one. Thanks Vickie!

More stuff coming soon and business/personal stuff!

Once again, we've gone through our manga to bring 50+ books for people to buy! It's actually pretty hard for us to part with some of this stuff seeing as how we had been collecting some of the series since we started getting into manga.

I literally have gone through my manga collection over 10 times trying to weed out the series I know I will never finish. Like Excel Saga, it's probably one of the best mangas ever, but I know that I will never go out and purchase the rest of the series.
Two things I can never part with: Sailor Moon manga or anything by CLAMP. I love those too much to get rid of.

Kim, the other half of kthnx_buy, loves Yuu Watase and Marmalade Boy. She has all the Marmalade Boy mangas (and soon the whole anime). She also love CLAMP...only not as psychotically as I do, lol.

My obsession with PGSM (Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon) is still going strong. I pretty much want to own anything from PGSM. I just bought a book on eBay (although I probably shouldn't have seeing as how I'm trying to make money to pay off my credit card bills!) and I can't wait for it to come in! It's the hard-to-find Visual Book. I saw it for $25 and had to get it right away. So, if anyone has PGSM stuff they're in the mood to get rid of, I'll buy it from you!

We're still trying to do the whole "Buy A DVD Set Get A Free DVD!" thing to see if it works out well. We're going to be trying some new selling techniques over the next couple of weeks. We're still trying to think of a good promotion for manga but haven't come to any conclusions about what would be good.

Anyway, for those of you reading, keep checking back for more posts! For those of you interested in buying, check out kthnx_buy. We're always adding new stuff!

Two Feedbacks in One Day!

That's just crazy!

We got our first feedback comment today and I was pretty excited about. Then we got a second! I didn't expect that. Both people seemed to be satisfied with their purchases! That's awesome for us to because that just means that with more people ordering from us and leaving positive feedback, the more we'll be trusted by potential customers. Yay!

Busniess is slowly getting better...

Not sure how many people read this, but whatever.

We've slowly been getting more and more customers. It's pretty awesome. Not many of them are commenting in the Feedback Post that we have up, but hopefully people will start doing so. We've sold to some great people recently.
We've gotten emails from people who've bought from us telling us they're happy with their items and people telling us they'll recommend us to friends. It's great.

My friend and I were actually surprised at how many people were interested in our stuff. When we originally purchased most of this, we never expected to be getting rid of it. Now that we are, it's kind of cool to know that we can give it to people who will take care of it and enjoy it like we did.

I'm still trying to finish my ongoing mission of completing my Sailor Moon manga collection! I found a wonderful person on craigslist who had the first three volumes and after a couple of emails, we decided to do business together. I'm pretty excited about it. Of the eighteen books I'm only in need of 5 more and I can finally finish my search! Sailor Moon is my only real anime/manga weakness. Has anyone seen PGSM? It's probably the greatest thing ever invented!

Oh, and my name is Josh. I'm the one who will be keeping up with this journal and do the maintaining of the store journal.

Anyway, hopefully our business will continue to go well and more people will come to our store and find what they're looking for!

First Sale!

kthnx_buy made it's first sale on Friday the 4th. We're very excited about this and hope that there are more to come.

We would just like to say "Thanks!" to our first customer.